In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where celestial bodies weave a tapestry of light and darkness, the inspiration for NEBULASZN was born. Our founder, a visionary designer and avid stargazer, was captivated by the beauty of the night sky and the enigmatic allure of the nebulae – the birthplace of stars. They dreamt of capturing this celestial splendor and infusing it into a wearable work of art. With unwavering determination and a passion for innovation, our founder embarked on a quest to bring this dream to life. They assembled a team of skilled artisans and fabric experts, each dedicated to the pursuit of unparalleled craftsmanship and design.


Through countless trials and meticulous experimentation, the team discovered a way to incorporate high-quality fiber optics into opulent fabrics, creating a dazzling union of light and luxury. Thus, NEBULASZN was born – a brand that transcends the boundaries of fashion and fantasy, inviting the wearer to embark on a journey through the cosmos.


Each piece in the StarLight Collection is handcrafted with consummate precision by master artisans, who meticulously cut and weave fiber optics into exquisite fabrics, forging a resplendent tapestry of light. In a world where mass production and fleeting trends dominate the fashion landscape, NEBULASZN stands as a beacon of enduring elegance and exclusivity.


With a limited production of only 300 pieces in each refined shade, our celestial-inspired creations cater to the discerning few who appreciate the artistry and rarity of true luxury. NEBULASZN is not just a brand; it is a cosmic odyssey, an experience that transcends time and space, connecting the wearer with the eternal beauty of the universe. We invite you to join us on this voyage of discovery and indulge in the ineffable grandeur of the StarLight Collection – a celebration of the celestial wonders that have captivated humankind since the dawn of time.

Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh™ embarks on a new narrative where free thinking inspires a pioneering format for the future, where the age of imagination is the product of reality.

Inspired by Virgil’s vision and approach to his art, Off-White™ nourishes a collective of creative minds that represent the best in their category and have a strong and personal connection with Virgil. Ibrahim’s relationship with Virgil and Off-White™, born and nurtured through Instagram DMs, blossomed both personally and professionally over the last 3 years creating a strong bond based on mutual respect and shared values.

“Making a successful luxury brand in nine years is genius. It’s a feat that I admire and hope to continue building upon with a rich legacy. He revolutionised streetwear and luxury that crosses generations and decades. He showed the world that the underrepresented, the underdogs and Black people, in particular, have brilliant minds and can push and compete equally in the establishment. He inspired hope and brought about change.” - Ibrahim Kamara, Art&Image Director Off-White™